Thursday, July 16, 2009

Male science nerds likely to be virgins

At the other end of the spectrum, female arts students ranked as the most sexually active.

The study of 16 to 25-year-olds, published in the journal Sexual Health, said: "Males in the study were less likely to have had sex as a group compared to the group of females in the sample.
"Science students were also less likely to have had sex compared to their counterparts in other faculties."

Sydney-based psychotherapist Stephen Carroll said cultural factors would have played a role in the results, because many international students come to Australia to study science.

"Boys also start having sex later than girls," Dr Carroll said.

The work ethic of science students, and their devotion to the lab, kept them out environments where they would meet women, he said.

"And who are the people at unis that go to the rave parties and the bar?

"It's not the nerdy boy science students.

"They're carrying on doing their experiments, going to the library or doing their assignments."

However, the finding have been vigorously disputed by male science graduates.

Dr Chris Ganora, who studied science for three years, denied the subject put an end to all romantic pursuits.

"Although we may have been a little nerdier than the other students, let's just say the gender ratio wasn't as bad as engineering," he said.

More female students (78 per cent) than male (22 per cent) agreed to take part in the survey.

The study also charted student knowledge of sexually-transmitted disease chlamydia.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers

Reading blogs with good writing is a must if you want to improve your skills as a writer/blogger. Keeping this in mind, I decided to list 20 blogs which should be on every freelance blogger’s RSS feed reading list. This is not a definitive list as there are many more good blogs and I can’t possibly name all of them.

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How To Get Revenge with a Sprinkler

From the rude dog walker to kids using your front lawn as a flag-football end zone, your lawn can take an unfair beating…but with a few bucks, patience, and old-fashioned vengeful spirit, you can stop these intrusions with the help of a remote control sprinkler system. There’s no better – or wetter – way to get your point across.

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11 Websites To Save You Cash During The Recession

We may or may not be in a recession currently (my wallet says yes, George W. Bush says no) and no one can argue that there's less money to go around and stuff's getting more expensive. Well, you could start stocking up on canned ham and become a hermit (which is what I'm doing, thank you very much) OR you could use the internet

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Why do we sing the National Anthem at sporting events?

The song gained popularity over the course of the nineteenth century and was often played at public events like parades and Independence Day celebrations (and, on occasion, sporting events). In 1889, the Secretary of the Navy ordered it the official tune to be played during the raising of the flag.

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30 Creative Date Ideas That Don’t Cost A Lot Of Money

Just because you're broke doesn’t mean that you should stop going out on dates. Our lives need some romance in them! We just need to start being more creative in finding low-cost dates that fill our lives with fun but don’t severely damage our finances.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cognition and Memory Tests: How Smart Are You?

The words come in a rapid, random progression on the computer screen: "POET," "BEACH," "ATTENDANT," "JURY," "CAVE" … there are 15 in all. I’m watching them tick by one by one, slightly panicked that I am going to forget them.

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8 Free Online Resources for Learning a New Language

A bunch of really cool (and free) sites that can help you learn a new language!

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14 Simple Ways to Super Charge Your Brain

No matter how powerful our brains are, they need recuperation time, to be kept in shape, and even an occasional charge. Think of it as a tune up for your brain. Skipping brain maintenance is as silly as the person wandering the parking garage because they forgot where they parked. Is that you? Are you that person? Sure. We all are at some point.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Libraries now using Guitar Hero & DDR to draw teens in?

"Getting teens to come to the library is right up there with getting them to go to church: It's not exactly the first place they want to go." To get teens to come in, a Michigan library has stocked it's shelves with 1823 games with an average of 1300 checked out daily. They are also holding Guitar Hero and DDR competitions every few weeks.

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Stanford is free to students whose families make less than$$

In a radical change to its financial aid program, Stanford University will announce today that it will no longer charge tuition to students whose families earn less than $100,000 a year.In addition, the university will waive room and board fees for students whose families earn less than $60,000 a year.

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12 Practical Steps for Learning to Go With the Flow

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” - Lao-Tzu

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Children as young as FIVE get philosophy lessons

While other five-year-olds are learning to spell their names and tie up shoelaces, infants at one school are debating life's great mysteries - in philosophy lessons. The Philosophy for Children course encourages pupils to grapple with conundrums such as free will, religion and the nature of luck. Here are some of the questions they will be asked:

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Fight Your Way To Breakthroughs (Why Some Fighting is Good)!

Many creative teams believe that their greatest mistakes are made when nobody argues. When multiple people have a strong opinion, you’re bound to disagree - and clash. Your approach to managing the impassioned “fighting” that ensues is a critical factor in your ability to find the best solution.

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The Minimalist’s Guide to Simple Housework

I constantly experiment with ways to simplify my house-cleaning routine, and what follows are some options I’ve experimented with or am trying out now. Not all methods will appeal to everyone, but I’m hoping that at least a few of the ideas will have some use to you, and perhaps inspire a simpler routine in your life.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

For Male Virgins: Basic Things No One Told Me About Sex

I lost my virginity later than the average guy. Before I got laid for the first time I had read a fair amount about sex. Then I started having it and I kept discovering all these basic things that had somehow passed me by. So here's my list of basic sexual stuff that I only found out about when I came across it myself.

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5 Embarrassing Grammatical Mistakes

As hard as it was to watch him smile and answer my questions, the salad to-go didn't cost him the job. The grammatical errors on his Web site--a spelling error and a missing comma--were another story, though. As gross as the spinach was, I could look away from it. Typos, on the other hand, I could not ignore, and as nice as he was, I had to turn

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

12 Awesome Classes I Wish My College Offered

I took a course last semester called “Research Methods and Theory.” It was as exciting as it sounds. I would much rather have been taking one of these 12 classes. From pop culture to maple syrup, these aren’t your average lectures.

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Caught Cheating in School (and Who's Really to Blame)

Cheating is becoming a problem in schools across the country ... and teachers are the culprits.

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The Yiddish Handbook: 40 Words You Should Know

The Yiddish language is a wonderful source of rich expressions, especially terms of endearment (and of course, complaints and insults). Jewish scriptwriters introduced many Yiddish words into popular culture, which often changed the original meanings drastically. You might be surprised to learn how much Yiddish you already speak.

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Top 10 Telephone Tricks

With the right tones, keypresses, phone numbers, and know-how, you can skip through or cut off long-winded automated voice systems and humans, access web services by voice, and smartly screen incoming calls. Check out our picks of the 10 best telephony techniques for getting more done in less time over the phone.

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Thanks to YouTube, Professors Are Finding New Audiences

Forget Lonelygirl15, YouTube's 2006 online video phenom. Professors are the latest YouTube stars. The popularity of their appearances on YouTube and other video-sharing sites may end up opening up the classroom and making teaching—which once took place behind closed doors—a more public art.

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10 Fail Proof Tips for Delivering a Powerful Speech

We've all heard the statistic that says people fear public speaking more than just about anything else. The good news is if you can focus on these 10 tips you'll be on your way to breaking past the fear and onto delivering a powerful speech that engages your audience.

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How To Solve a Rubik's Cube

Great beginners guide to solving the Rubik's Cube. Has step by step instruction with animation and images. Now you can solve any old cube laying around and impress your friends.

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WWII Tank and Bombs Found Under Middle School

Residents near a local middle school said they find it hard to believe that no one knew about the World War II bombing range the school was built on. The Army Corps of Engineers detonated 400 pounds of explosives found on the school property

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Little Miss Dolittle: 4 Year-old Girl Speaks Only to Animals

Rose has a chromosome defect which has left her with a floppy voicebox and windpipe. At four years old, she had never been able to say Mummy or Daddy. But to her parents' astonishment, Rose has suddenly revealed she has a great deal to say for herself - but only to animals.

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How to survive a 500 foot fall

It's a modern-day miracle. An Ecuadoran native who fell 500 feet from the upper reaches of a New York City skyscraper--and survived. By the time Moreno hit the alley behind the black-glass luxury apartment building, he was traveling upward of 124mph. Only about half of the people who fall off a four-story building make it. So how is he alive?

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